Interschool Debate with St Mary’s Secondary School

By Linah Phiri

The latest debate was held at St Mary’s Girls Secondary School on the 28th June 2018. A team from Don Bosco Secondary School was competing against a team from St Mary’s Girls Secondary School.

The motion of this debate was “The society is safe for a girl child”. With this vivid debate motion Don Bosco Secondary was proposing the motion while St Mary’s Girls was opposing the contemplated statement.

The proposers articulated that the society is making it its priority to end early marriages. The government and the United Nations are also enforcing laws that protect a girl child hence making the society safe for them. Additionally the Society is ensuring that the girls in boarding schools have proper sanitation. Furthermore the schools, which are an integral part of the society, are empowering girls respectively.

However, contradicting to this motion St Mary’s Girls stated that if society was safe for a girl child, why should the government enforce protective laws? They also added to say the society is not safe for a girl child because girls are always told on how to dress each and every time they leave their homes.

To wrap it up with the above, well organized and powerful points were highlighted by both groups. The Don Bosco pupils emerged as winners with Linah Phiri as the best speaker with 42 points and Lukwesa Kabaso as the third best speaker with 38 points. Margret Kabanga from St Mary’s Girls Secondary School was the second best speaker with 39 points.

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  1. Well articulated! HOD languages keep it up!
    This was made possible by the procurement of a new TATA bus which has made mobility by school teams easy

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