Trip to Ntumbachushi Falls

By Linah Phiri

The Ntumbachushi Falls, ‘Ntumba’ meaning mountains and ‘Chushi’ meaning smoke, were discovered by hunters also known as bushmen in 1976. The Don Bosco Secondary School pupils, who went to the inter school debate at St Mary’s Secondary School, visited this national wonder on the 29th June 2018.

The source of Ntumbachushi is the Ng’ona river which flows into the Luapula river, where the Mwata Kazembe Nganda Bilonda drowned while trying to expand his kingdom. During this remarkable and rare experience we learned that apart from the wonderful flowing falls, the Nutmbachushi bush also contains a lot of wild animals such as monkeys. Not only that, the bushes are also filled with a variety of fruits.

Additionally the Ntumbachushi falls have a lot of pools were one can bath and have the best swim of his life. However, the tour guide showed us some of the stone paintings created by the bushmen.

Another observation made by the pupils was that as the smoke was rising the rainbow could be formulated. This image was so profound that I personally wish to go back and learn more about this falls.

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