Track Suits at Don Bosco Secondary School


By Constance Musonda

At the beginning of term two in 2018, at the Don Bosco Secondary School, the administration members proposed the formation of school track suits, which were being introduced in school soon after that.

The pupils are supposed to wear the suits during the sport days, because sports had been a big challenge for Zambia’s young people. This is why the administration members decided to help the pupils, so that they can attend sports in their track suits.

Especially for young girls, who did not want to attend sports because of their attire, the track suits are big advantage. They will help and encourage each pupil to do his favourite sport. This will lead to a healthy way of living and a good growth for both pupils and staff members.

By introducing track suits at Don Bosco Secondary School, all schools are encouraged to introduce track suits, so that pupils and teachers are able to do sports. By doing this they will achieve a good health and so contribute to the development in our country.

2 thoughts on “Track Suits at Don Bosco Secondary School”

  1. Hey guys,
    your website is very nice it actually looks better as the website of my school. These track suits are really hot sheeeesh.
    Best regards your German friend (Josefs brother)

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