Career Aspiration Tour to Mansa Airport

By Chomba Mwape

The career aspiration research tour to Mansa airport, organised by the Guidance and Counselling Department under the delegation of the School Guidance Teacher Mr Musanshi, took place on the 20th June 2018. The tour attracted 50 pupils who were drawn from Grades 8 to 12. The main objective of the tour was to expose the pupils who have the dream of becoming pilots, police officers and Zambia Air Force officers.

The two Zambia Air Force senior officers gave a plenary session on what is required for one to become a ZAF officer. Their explanations applauded the pupils as it made it easy for the pupils to understand what is involved in Zambia Air Force. After the presentation, pupils were given an opportunity to ask questions about what was not clear and what they did not understand. The ZAF session took one hour and 30 minutes.

Civil aversion session

A session for pupils with ambition of becoming Aircraft Pilots was also conducted. The civil aversion officer Mr Kamalata explained on the work of a controller and the machines used in the airport control room. He further explained on the prerequisites required for one to work on the control tower. Pupils were given a chance to ask questions and many pupils participated. This session went on for 30 minutes.

Pupil’s reaction on the tour

“I was inspired by the senior officers and I got the confidence to study very hard, because it’s my dream to become like them”.

Benson Shapi

“I have learnt that being a controller, I have to talk to many people and can be able to save life“.

– Kenny Kapesa


In conclusion, it was a wonderful experience because pupils were able to learn and see new things they have never seen before. Even though the pupils were not given the chance to see a plane landing as per arrangement, exposure to the machine called Rudder for air security was also a golden experience. The tour was good adventure for me and my fellow pupils especially in as far as career choices are concerned.

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