First General PTA Meeting ’15

Mansa (ZAMBIA) 10/04/2015.
The Management of Don Bosco Secondary School conducted the First General PTA Meeting for the year 2015. Some 300 parents turned up for this general meeting that had  as its main agenda the revision of the 2014 school projects and the revision of the objectives and goals of the PTA.The meeting began at 10:00 hrs with the presence of all the PTA executives who met at the Deputy Head’s Office to coordinate the final draft of the Agenda. The Head of Departments (HoDs) were all present together with the Acting School Manager, Fr Javier Barrientos, and the School Deputy Head, Mrs. Daka.

The presence of the parents was highly appreciated because the primary educators of the pupils are the parents/guardians themselves.

The meeting took place in the main hall of the Youth Centre, which was made available for the occasion. The Chairman of the PTA welcomed all the participants and explained to them the nature of the meeting and in his report he commented on the achievements made during  the year 2014. Among them the construction of the two science labs which enabled the school to be categorised as Examination Centre.

The School report on the side of the School Manager was presented by Mrs. Daka who was able to read it through and translated into the vernacular language for the sake of the majority of the parents who do not have a good command of the English language.

Among the challenges for the coming year are: the purchase of the school bus and the construction of boarding facilities because Don Bosco Secondary School being an icon of the Luapula province needs to accommodate the pupils who will be writing the Grade 9 and 12 examinations.


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