1 2 3 405/06/2015, Mansa: Students at Don Bosco Secondary School have started their Second Term on a good note. Lessons are going on smoothly and pupils are actively participating in other school activities. Management and staff have decided to start work earlier than last term to have sufficient time for the various co-curricular activities lined up this term.

There are new development at the School. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) lessons are now being offered in a temporary computer laboratory using brand new laptop computers that the school procured recently. Students are very excite to have their computer practical lessons using the new equipment in preparation for the forth coming public examinations. ” Every day I wait for the computer class” said one student with a smile and run off towards the computer room as the siren rang for the said lesson.

Mean while the construction of additional class rooms, a computer laboratory, library and other facilities is going and the builders intend to complete the work before the end of the second term of the academic year so that students can use the new premises in the third term of 2015.

2 thoughts on “PROGRESSING WELL”

  1. So much development in less than 2 years of existence as a secondary school. We remain grateful for uplifting our lives: academically, socially and indeed spiritually.

  2. This Environment makes One think we are not in Senama famous for social vices. To staff at The School I see no reason for not producing the very best results. …. a little selfless effort coupled with divine interventions will go a long way. Management of the Project well done!

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