rectors-2dayOn the 2nd Day of December the School was celebrating the Rectors Day, to thank the Rector Fr. Javier Barrientos for the various works and responsibilities and the figure of a father and friend in the center. The celebration was held on the closing day of the school. The Rector was amidst a crowd of students who had prepared various social and educational activities centered on the Commemoration of his Birthday and the Christmas Carols. In his remarks, the Rector thanked the School

rectors-3Community for the Love and affection that many student’s and Teachers    show to him. He also expressed his happiness on the relationship that has been created around the school between the students and teachers in which they live in a family atmosphere that creates good rapport among them. This Relationship he said will enable a conducive environment for learning and formation of honest citizens. He also wished the students a Mary Christmas and a happy New Year. After his remarks and of student’s representative the School manager declared the academic year closed.

One thought on “RECTOR’S DAY CELEBRATION & END OF 2016 ACADEMIC YEAR (02/12/2016)”

  1. very well articulated! can we have grade 9 results analysis ….. please? where are we? where are we coming from? where are we going?


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