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 rectors-2dayOn the 2nd Day of December the School was celebrating the Rectors Day, to thank the Rector Fr. Javier Barrientos for the various works and responsibilities and the figure of a father and friend in the center. The celebration was held on the closing day of the school. The Rector was amidst a crowd of students who had prepared various social and educational activities centered on the Commemoration of his Birthday and the Christmas Carols. In his remarks, the Rector thanked the School

rectors-3Community for the Love and affection that many student’s and Teachers    show to him. He also expressed his happiness on the relationship that has been created around the school between the students and teachers in which they live in a family atmosphere that creates good rapport among them. This Relationship he said will enable a conducive environment for learning and formation of honest citizens. He also wished the students a Mary Christmas and a happy New Year. After his remarks and of student’s representative the School manager declared the academic year closed.


On Friday 21st October 2016, the School held the First Honour and Awarding Ceremony for the first Grade 12 Pupilsimg_9214 img_9220 img_9197 img_9143 Since the inception of the School in 2014. The Colourful Ceremony Started around 09:30hrs attended by Parents of these pupils, the School Staff and other Students in Lower Grades. The Event was graced by the District Educational Secretary, the Former School Manager Br. Walter, the Salesian Staff and some Teachers from other Schools. In his remarks the invited Guest encouraged all the pupils to put in their efforts in the Exams that were ahead of them. There were 73 pupils who were on this day cerebrating the Twelve Years spent in their Education. Among these Pupils, 40 were Boys and 33 were Girls. After the Ceremony, the Pupils were invited to Dine with the Teachers and the parents. Meanwhile, the pupils continued their intensive preparations for the examination that were starting on the 25th of October.


A MESSAGE OF HOPE (By: Felistas Grade 12)

Our Visit to Poland, was very enriching having met with many other young people from Different walks of life, colour, and Race even a few diffe20160719_113806rent religious affiliations. The Theme for the world youth Day Was Blessed are the Merciful; this echoed throughout Poland as Pilgrims walked in Various Places for Catechesis and many other visits to the Shrines of Mercy. Moreover, one of the most important thing that touched my life was the welcoming gesture that we received from 20160721_142527the people of Poland. I was touched also by the spirituality and faith of many a youth though the world paints us to be shunning away from God to doing other sorts of things.
Among the many things I experienced I would briefly share with you the Pope’s Message to the Youths on the Closure of the World Youth day; the Reflection wasimgp9190 drawn from the Story of the short Man in Luke 19, the Pope pointed out that; “Zacchaeus was thus a wealthy collaborator of the hated Roman occupiers, someone who exploited his own people, someone who, because of his ill repute, could not even approach the Master. His encounter with Jesus changed his life, just as it has changed, and can daily still change, each of our lives. But Zacchaeus had to face a number of obstacles in order to meet Jesus. At least three of these can also say something to us.
The first thing the pope spoke of is his smallness of stature. Zacchaeus couldn’t see the Master because he was little. Even today we can risk not getting close to Jesus because we don’t feel big enough, because we don’t think ourselves worthy. This is a great temptation; it has to do not only with self-esteem, but with faith itself. At times in our lives, we aim lower rather than higher. At those times, it is good to realize that God remains faithful, even obstinate, in his love for us. The fact is, he loves us even more than we love ourselves. He believes in us even more than we believe in ourselves. He is always “cheering us on”; he is our biggest fan. He is there for us, waiting with patience and hope, even when we turn in on ourselves and brood over our troubles and past injuries. Continue reading WORLD YOUTH DAY


img_0121img_0012As the academic year draws closer to an end the students in Examination Classes Grade 9 and 12 respectively, have gone wild in preparing themselves for the 2016 National Exams. A lot is being expected from these students as they are to be the first Grade 12 students to leave the institution into the Society. It is very interesting to note that Teachers as well as students have embarked into tentative preparations for these examinations. The examinations for the junior secondary School students will be held from the 3rd of October to the 7th November 2016 while the School Certificate examinations for the Grade 12 students, will be held from the 25th October to the 1st December 2016. We wish these young people success in their education as they take the their Next Educational Challenge the end of this academic year 2016.