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In 2011 the Salesians of Don Bosco started constructing a new Secondary School in Mansa, the provincial town of Luapula province of Zambia. With the funding from the German Government through Don Bosco Mondo in Bonn and other cooperation partners, the Don Bosco Secondary School is adding value to the education project that the Society have been carrying out in the out skirt of Mansa town for more than a decade.

For the past years the Salesians have been running the St. James Catholic Parish and a lively youth centre for the young people of the thickly populated Chimese and Senama compounds. The need of a good education centre was felt and the establishment of the Secondary School came at the right time because many young people had to travel to faraway places for education or did not go to school at all.

The Don Bosco Secondary School opened its doors to hundreds of young people in 2014. Many young people are benefiting from this project.The Government Education Department, Ministry of Education and the Local community were very supportive to this development.

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  1. So far the school is really doing fine in as far as producing good results and responsible graduates. I am impressed about the transformation it has brought in Senama and beyond.

    1. Hello
      currently we do not have boarding options. we do not have plans in the near future for boarding house.however, we acknowledge the growing demand for such from parents

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